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24 February 2003 @ 06:12 pm
well today was...ok i went on a field trip all day n it was GREAT missin school but the play was kinda weird?? lol yea well im home n unfortunatey...courtneys not LMFAO!! it reely sux 4 her but shes at ashs while joes there 2....heh like i sed..sux 4 her. wish i could help her but i cant...hmm cept i DID warn her bout ash n joe practically DOIN it in front of ppl LMAO haha yea well j/k kinda but they do a lotta shit in front of ppl that makes me and courtney like this >: P EW! < so ive decided NEVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVER to go to ashs house with joe EVEREVEREVEREVEREVER again whew...i feel better now lol courtney...i suggest u do the EXACT same!!!! we already were blinded cept u saw just a LITTLE bit more cuz they r just gettin nasty in public haha well thats it so ttyl <33


Current Mood: devious
Current Music: vanessa carlton - pretty baby [i dont like this son: P]