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24 February 2003 @ 09:39 pm
yup yup yup  
oooook well lots has happened since...8:13 [hadda check] well yea well wuts happened is c like i always sed sumthin, we'd both laugh id say j/k j/k and it'd be over but i was kiddin around this time she thought i was serious...hmm not sure y she thought it was any diff. then the other 100 times but yea so she thinks i was serious and wont let me talk to her although i dont reely have anythin else to say cuz i already sed ^all that : ( so..yea and jess sed sumthin so true..its great
//Psycho Chick3988: we should all be on fucking laughing gas, now that could solve some problems\\
it reeeelly would....ive never had it but i want it so god damn bad well ttyl <33
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