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01 March 2003 @ 01:40 pm
ugh ive been not online for a long ass time cuz i was sick n now my screen for the "real" comp. that i like isnt workin n all my dad hasta do is connect a cord thingy but hes so busy it prolly wont be till 2morrow or sumthin...i feel like im missin a lotta shit but im reely not..lol welllll i wanna go sumwhere 2nite...i NEED to get out of my house cuz ive been here 2 long w/out talkin to my friends...er well yea... i babysat marykate last nite...omg shes so cute lol well i got paid 47 whoohoo finally money lol itll be gone soon :*( well uhm nuthin else happened at all in the last few days..i dont think...hmm o yea cept i am SO GOD DAMN LUCKY 4 global civ. cuz i was gunna seriously fail my test cuz i didnt kno we had it cuz i was sick n then he was absent so we didnt do anythin...thank god...well my parents r pissin me off cuz they r tellin me i gotta do volunteer stuff soon 4 my comformation [uuggghh] n idk wut to do so if ur doin sumthin I WANNA COME! lol comment or im me n tell meee k well ttyl <33
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